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Cracking the Coded Interview, 6th Edition is here to help you through this process, teaching you everything you know and allowing you to do your best.
Find out how to uncover the hidden clues and details involved, find out how to break a problem into manageable chunks, develop techniques for getting discouraged while stuck, learn (or relearn) computer basics, and practice on 189 interview and resolution questions.

These interview questions are true; they are not taken from computer science textbooks. They show what the best companies really want, so you can be as prepared as possible.

- 189 program interview questions, ranging from the basics to the most difficult algorithm problems.
- Discuss how to derive each solution, so that you can learn to extract yourself.

- Tips on how to solve each of the 189 questions, like those you would find in a proper interview.

- Five proven strategies for tackling algorithm problems, so you can solve problems you haven't seen.
- Look behind the scenes as top companies like Google and Facebook hire developers.

- Techniques to prepare and improve the soft side of the interview behavior problems.

- For interviewers and companies: details of what constitutes a good interview question and hiring process.
Cracking the coding interview 6th edition filetype : pdf